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Question: How do I backup my Period Plus or Lady Biz data?
Answer: By syncing your device with iTunes or using the "Backup / Restore" feature in "Settings:".

Question: Can I turn on and off which items I want to keep track of in the full version of Period Plus or Lady Biz?
Answer: Yes, click the "Settings" button on the bottom tab bar, then click "Journal", then "Show/Hide items". Choose which items to turn on or off by clicking the switch button.


Question: I don't want Period Plus or Lady Biz to auto calculate my Cycle day. I want to enter it manually.
Answer: To switch to manual mode, click the "Settings" button on the bottom tab bar, then click "Journal", then "Cycle day". Set the "Manual mode" switch to be "On".


Question: Help, I forgot my passcode. How do I reset it?
Answer: From the iOS settings app.
Tap the "Settings" Settings app icon on your desktop.
Find "Period Plus" or "Lady Biz", selected it and turn on the "Delete passcode" switch.

Question: Are upgrades free for all of your products?
Answer: Yes.

Question: I wish Period Plus, Lady Biz, Planet Starslug, etc would do ...
Answer: We want to make our various applications great, send us any ideas / feature requests you have, even about this web site. Contact us.

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